Meeting the notary


Approach one or more firms of notaries in advance to obtain a clear idea of the notary’s fees. But it is not only the cost that is important, you should also have a good feeling about the notary you choose. So listen to them carefully, how they sound on the phone, what is your first impression, can you make an appointment quickly, etc.

Request an offer
Once you have an offer, you will have an idea of what level of notary fees to expect, this will save you being unpleasantly surprised. Below are a number of areas you should pay attention to and about which you can ask the notary to provide further information.

Specialist notaries
Depending on the reason you wish to see a notary, you may require the advice of notaries who specialise in:

You will be able to find a specialist notary in your area on these association websites.

Proof of identity
If you are meeting a notary, ensure you take proof of identity with you.

Not satisfied
If you are not satisfied with the service your notary has provided, the Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries (Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie, KNB) will be able to mediate in conflicts about the level of service. The KNB also offers information about how a complaint should be submitted to the Dutch Chamber of Notaries or the Dispute Committee for Notaries.